EDGE Video

Types Of Games

Welcome to Edge Video, the innovative streaming video platform that offers a unique way to engage with your favorite shows and movies. With our cutting-edge Edge-ai technology, we're able to create a personalized and interactive viewing experience that combines entertainment and gaming like never before. Our platform offers three types of games: wagering, gamified ads, and pop quizzes. With each game, viewers have the chance to earn points and tokens that can be redeemed for prizes, while enjoying their favorite content in a whole new way.
  • Wagering: Our Edge-ai technology sets up games in advance, monitors them, and decides who the winner is. With wagering, viewers have the chance to bet on the outcome of their favorite shows, sports events, and more.
  • Gaimified Ads: During commercial breaks, our Edge-ai technology creates a short game that's both entertaining and informative. Viewers can play these games to earn more points and tokens, while learning about products and services they might be interested in.
  • Pop Quizzes: Our Edge-ai technology looks at the live content and creates pop quizzes to earn more points/tokens. Viewers can test their knowledge and compete with others in real-time.
We're excited to bring this unique and innovative viewing experience to audiences everywhere. Join us on Gaimified TV and start playing today!