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Introducing GAIM

The GAIM Token is a decentralized platform focused on Edge Video and video streaming, where users can enjoy interactive and engaging content while earning GAIM tokens. GAIM offers a unique experience, transforming traditional streaming into a more immersive and rewarding experience for viewers, similar to multiplayer gaming.
The GAIM token has an inflationary model designed to support the growth of the ecosystem and incentivize user engagement.
GAIM tokens can be earned by viewers through participation in various games, activities, Gaimified ADs and interactions on the platform. Additionally, streaming video platforms and developers can benefit from the GAIM ecosystem by utilizing the platform's SDK to gamify their video streams and monetize their content effectively.
By leveraging blockchain technology, GAIM aims to revolutionize the streaming industry, offering unique, interactive experiences and bridging the gap between streaming, gaming, and e-commerce.

Transaction & Subscription Fees

GAIM incorporates a wagering system where winners receive all of their GAIM tokens along with 90% of the tokens lost by losers. The remaining 10% of the lost tokens can be used at the project's discretion, such as burning, selling for gas, keeping, etc.


GAIM implements a dynamic fee system for withdrawals, with the amount of GAIM tokens retained for gas funding determined by the current GAIM token price and gas prices.

Token Swap Function with Vesting for EAT Holders

EAT holders will be provided with an opportunity to convert their tokens to GAIM through this token swap function. When the conversion process is initiated, the function automatically exchanges the EAT tokens for the equivalent value of GAIM tokens. Simultaneously, the newly acquired GAIM tokens will be placed in a vesting contract, which will be released according to a predetermined schedule.
This approach ensures that EAT holders can seamlessly transition to GAIM tokens while maintaining market stability and discouraging immediate liquidation. The vesting contract allows for a gradual release of GAIM tokens, fostering long-term investment and sustainable growth.