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GAIM Utility

For Streaming Video Apps:
  • Purchase GAIM tokens to provide to viewers for a chance to win and earn
  • GAIM tokens can be converted to points for wagering on live events
  • Incentivizes viewers to engage with the app and increases engagement and retention
For Viewers:
  • Buy GAIM tokens to wager and watch premium video content and merchandise
  • Provides a unique way to enjoy premium content and merchandise
  • Increases engagement and incentivizes viewers to participate in the app
For Advertisers:
  • Purchase GAIM tokens to reward viewers for correct answers to interactive ads
  • Provides a more engaging and interactive way to reach viewers
  • Encourages viewers to pay attention to ads and incentivizes participation
Overall, the GAIM Utility offers a unique and innovative way to monetize streaming video apps and engage viewers through interactive features and rewards.
An inflationary token is needed to provide a continuous supply of tokens to meet the demands of an expanding ecosystem. This allows for a more stable token price and encourages adoption and use of the token. Additionally, an inflationary token can incentivize participation in the ecosystem by rewarding users for their engagement with the platform.

Points Conversion

  • Total number of points distributed: There’s a fixed number of tokens, and an unlimited and growing number of points.
  • Conversion rate of points to GAIM tokens: We cannot specify a conversion rate due to the fixed number of tokens and the continuously growing number of points. This structure is in place to help manage user attraction, inflation, and selling pressure during the TGE.

Price Drivers

  1. 1.
    Platform adoption: As more streaming video apps and content providers adopt the GAIM token utility, the demand for GAIM may increase, leading to potential price appreciation.
  2. 2.
    User engagement: The success of GAIM will depend on user engagement and participation, which could be influenced by the token's ability to incentivize and reward users for their attention and interaction with content.
  3. 3.
    Advertising demand: Advertisers may find the GAIM token utility appealing if it provides a more effective and engaging way to reach audiences, leading to potential demand for the token and price appreciation.
  4. 4.
    Market sentiment: Like any cryptocurrency or token, market sentiment can play a significant role in the price of GAIM. Positive news or developments, such as partnerships or successful launches, could drive up demand and price.
  5. 5.
    Token supply: The inflationary nature of the GAIM token means that its supply will increase over time, potentially affecting its price. However, the release schedule and allocation could be carefully managed to minimize negative impacts on price.