EDGE Video

Revenue Model

Revenue Conversion from USD to $GAIM Token Model

In our quest to ensure transparency and drive value for $GAIM token holders, we have established a clear revenue model that denotes the percentage allocation of our various revenue sources to be converted into $GAIM tokens. This model underpins our commitment to maintaining the token's inherent value and aligning the interests of the token holders with the platform's growth.
Below are the details of the model:

1. Video Channel - 30%

Revenue generated from the video channels, which might include ads played before, during, or after the videos, sponsorships, or any other form of monetization related to video content, will constitute 30% of the conversion into $GAIM tokens.

2. Buyback & Burn Token - 20%

To ensure a controlled supply and to potentially boost token value over time, 20% of the revenue will be directed towards the buyback of $GAIM tokens from the open market. These bought-back tokens will subsequently be burned, effectively reducing the overall token supply.

3. Edge Revenue - 20%

Edge revenue pertains to earnings from secondary or peripheral activities that support the main business, such as content partnerships, data analytics, or premium features. 20% of such revenue will be converted into $GAIM tokens.

4. Viewers - 20%

Revenue stemming from viewers, which might include premium content access, donations, tipping, or any form of direct viewer monetization, will account for 20% of the conversion into $GAIM tokens.

5. Reseller - 10%

The reseller channel can be a significant revenue source where third parties sell or distribute platform services. Revenue accrued from these channels will contribute 10% to the $GAIM token pool.