EDGE Video

Cyclical Marketing and Community Boosting

The GAIM token is a key component of our ecosystem, facilitating the exchange of value between viewers, content providers, and advertisers. As we continue to expand our reach through strategic partnerships with streaming video apps, we envision a cycle of marketing and community growth that benefits all participants.
New streaming video apps that partner with EDGE Video to offer Gaimified TV experiences to their viewers can promote the GAIM token as a way to reward and engage their audience. This not only creates a compelling value proposition for their users but also helps to build the GAIM community by attracting new holders and users to the ecosystem.
As the GAIM community grows, it becomes a powerful force for promoting and supporting streaming video apps that integrate Gaimified TV experiences. By descending or kickstarting, the community can generate interest and buzz around new apps, creating a virtuous cycle of marketing and community growth.
In this way, a growing GAIM community means more attraction to streaming video apps, which in turn drives more usage of the GAIM token. By leveraging the power of network effects, we believe that the GAIM ecosystem can become a thriving ecosystem that benefits all participants.