EDGE Video
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Advisory Board

EDGE Video's advisory board comprises a diverse group of accomplished professionals with extensive experience in the streaming media, technology, and entertainment industries. Their collective wisdom and guidance will be essential in shaping the platform's strategic direction, ensuring regulatory compliance, and facilitating key partnerships.
Ralf Jacob
EVP Univision
Ralf Jacob is a seasoned industry leader with a wealth of experience in digital media, advertising, and video technology.
His deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing content creators and advertisers will be crucial in shaping Gaimified TV's approach to monetization, user engagement, and platform features.
Robert Scoble
Leading AI Evangelist
Robert Scoble is an influential technology evangelist, author, and futurist who has become an authoritative voice on emerging technologies, particularly in the realms of AI, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things.
His blog, Scobleizer, and his presence on social media platforms have helped him to garner a large and dedicated following, as he shares insights and commentary on new developments in AI and other tech fields.
Kareem Multa Amghar
Infinity Pad
Kareem, an expert in tokenomics, heads InfinityPAD, a multi-chain launchpad and accelerator incubated by DAO Maker.
InfinityPAD offers startups comprehensive resources to kickstart their projects, drive growth, and achieve success. Additionally, it facilitates early access to rigorously evaluated innovations for all communities involved.
Richard Entrup
Web3 Director at KPMG
Richard Entrup is an accomplished media executive with a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry.
He has worked for several top-tier companies, including Disney, where he served as Senior Vice President of Integrated Planning and Distribution. Throughout his career, Entrup has demonstrated a keen understanding of the media landscape, with expertise in content strategy, distribution, and monetization.
Sudheer Kuppam
Partner at Venture Rock
Sudheer Kuppam is a highly respected venture capitalist and entrepreneur with deep expertise in technology, media, and telecommunications.
His experience in identifying and nurturing high-potential startups, coupled with his extensive network, will be instrumental in driving Gaimified TV's growth and establishing key strategic partnerships.
Jeffrey Hayzlett
CEO at C-Suite TV
Jeffrey Hayzlett is a business executive, speaker, and author known for his expertise in marketing and leadership. He has held various high-level positions in companies such as Kodak, The Hayzlett Group, and Eastman Kodak, where he served as the Chief Marketing Officer.
Hayzlett is also the author of several books, including "The Mirror Test" and "Running the Gauntlet," and is a frequent guest on various media outlets, including CNBC and Fox Business.