EDGE Video


GAIM, an innovative web3 token, has been developed to unite EDGE Video, EAT holders, and Watch2Earn communities, creating a synergistic and sustainable ecosystem that rewards users and encourages engagement across the platforms.
EDGE Video, a trailblazing decentralized video platform, employs blockchain technology to empower both content creators and users. Integrating GAIM as its native token enables EDGE Video to strengthen its ties with the broader web3 community and offer a compelling incentive structure for its users.
Interview with Girl Gone Crypto
EAT holders, who have shown their support for the EAT token, will experience the benefits of GAIM integration. As EAT merges into GAIM, EAT holders gain access to a range of additional utilities within the GAIM ecosystem, including staking, liquidity provision, and governance. A seamless transition for EAT holders will be facilitated by the EAT<>GAIM Uniswap pool on the Polygon network.
Watch2Earn, a platform designed to reward users for viewing and engaging with video content, will be incorporated into the GAIM ecosystem. This integration allows users to effortlessly earn GAIM tokens through their participation, promoting further growth and adoption of the platform.
In essence, GAIM brings together EDGE Video, EAT holders, and the Watch2Earn community under a unified token and ecosystem that fosters collaboration, rewards users, and propels adoption in the decentralized economy. This amalgamation showcases the potential of web3 technologies to merge diverse stakeholders and create inventive, user-focused solutions.