EDGE Video
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Roadmap and Future Development

2023 H1: Launch Gaimified TV
  • Launch of EDGE Video platform with points and wagering system.
  • Integration support for Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV.
  • Public release of Software Development Kit (SDK) to developers.
2023 H2: CEX Listings
  • Token listings on MEXC and ByBit exchanges.
  • Extending support to Roku, Samsung, and LG TVs.
  • Introduction of a Gamified Mobile App.
2024 H1: AI Expansion
  • Implementation of real-time personality recognition for influencer discovery.
  • Introduction of Edge-AI technology for live searching capabilities.
  • Enabling push notifications for timely updates to users.
2024 H2: AI & Content
  • Formation of partnerships with content creators for exclusive content.
  • Deployment of machine vision technology for video content analysis.
  • Integration of AI-powered technology for content recommendations.
This roadmap signifies the continuous growth and development of the platform, aiming to enhance user engagement and offer cutting-edge features.